About Us

In the summer of 1993 Michael Zerbato was dealing with his own life’s challenges. Michael was asked by his family to put his entire life on hold to care for his cousin who at 12 years old fell ill to a debilitating form of epilepsy.

Michael soon learned that you can’t become a true caregiver overnight. This type of care requires a special person with great patience. You also need a willingness to learn and the desire to dedicate your life to making others more comfortable in their critical time of need.

For the next five years and a 6 week stay at the MAYO CLINIC in Minnesota, Michael became a highly experienced caregiver and a close friend to his cousin. Michael also learned that life’s most difficult challenges can always be overcome through hard work, education and the belief that you can never care too much about a human life.

Michael now wants to share his experience, passion and dedication to providing the absolute best in companion care to family, friends and neighbors.

Angel Companions was created with all this in mind with offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Angel Companions is a leader in client dedication, integrity and excellence in home care. Client care is our number one priority. By customizing your non-medical needs a schedule is formulated to enhance a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing an affordable alternative, which allows clients to remain in the comfort of their own home.

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